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Blue & Green Tooli Rechargeable Lights
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LED Color Changing Night Light
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Mobi TykeLight
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LED Night Light with Sensor(Pack of 4)
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Night Light

Select From 3 Soothing Colors At Any Time

Lights Up When Shell Is Pressed

Projects Stars Onto Walls

Comforts & Calms Children


Sea Turtle Light


The Most Popular Night Light

Runs on aaa batteries

Automatically turns off



Lady Bug Light


A favorite for girls

About 12 inches long

Comes With Illustrated Star Guide



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Today there are many great and creative night lights for kids. Some of the most popular ones are the cloud b twilight constellation nightlights for kids. Kids love these adorable and interactive lights. They come in a turtle, sea turtle, and lady bug. They make bedtime for kids much more comforting and relaxing. The ladybug is a favorite for night lights for girls. A projection of stars is made on the ceiling and walls when pressed. This lasts for 45 minutes and then shuts off, which is just the right amount of time to fall asleep. The twilight kids night lights run on aaa batteries. You may also be interested in led night lights for kids. These use less power and can last a long time. This can be a great choice in addition to the turtle lights. Some are brighter than others, so depending on how much light you want, pick out yours accordingly. The great thing about the cloud b night lights for kids is that they can also be played with and are fun and entertaining along with being functional. They are also comforting and make bed time a fun experience. You may even like them so much that you decide to give them as gifts to other parents. Other types are available as well, such as ones that change color or butterfly ones. The movie cars themed lights are also a popular option today for boys. A girl might also like princess themed versions for her room. In the end, all are designed for the same purpose, to provide a soft comforting ambiance to help you fall asleep and see at night. You really cannot go wrong in what you decide is best for your particular needs, so have fun picking out exciting options for your home and family.